Natural Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction


Why does an erection occur? Doctors explain how ED drugs work.

I wonder why many men have an erection every time without knowing the mechanism of why they erection.

This time, I will explain the mechanism and mechanism of erection and why ED drugs such as Viagra are effective.

What is the mechanism/mechanism of erection?

As you may have learned from school, etc., the penis has a spongy body, a sponge-like organ that collects small blood vessels, and blood flows through it to make it large and hard. When the person does not have a healthy erection, the blood vessels that supply blood to the corpus cavernosum are tightly tightened by a muscle called smooth muscle, which limits the amount of blood entering the corpus cavernosum. It is in reasonable condition that is not stiff.

However, when a person is sexually agitated or receives some Super p Force stimulation, the brain sends commands and signals to erect through the nerves to the penis. Then, the smooth muscles that had limited the amount of blood that enter the corpus cavernosum loosen, causing the blood to flow in and the penis to become stiff. This is the mechanism/mechanism of what is called an erection.

What are the enzymes involved in the mechanism of erection?

I mentioned above about the mechanism that smooth muscle relaxes and erection occurs when blood flows to the corpus cavernosum, but a substance called “cGMP” plays a role in relaxing the smooth muscle. On the other hand, an enzyme called “PDE5” decomposes this substance called cGMP and depends on the balance between the two, and it is possible to have an erection or prevent an erection.

 In other words, sexual arousal or stimulation stimulates the brain to command an increase in the substance cGMP, which causes an erection when the smooth muscles relax. Still, when PDE5, an enzyme that decomposes cGMP, becomes dominant, the erection heads toward convergence. ..

What is the mechanism by which ED drugs work?

I have explained the mechanism and mechanism of erection and the existence of the enzyme PDE5 in it, but ED (erectile dysfunction / erectile dysfunction) is better in PDE5 despite having sexual arousal and stimulation. One reason is that you haven’t had a proper erection because you’ve become dominant.

 The three drugs used in Japan as ED drugs, Viagra (ingredient name: sildenafil), Levitra (ingredient name: Vardenafil), and Cialis (ingredient name: tadalafil) all block the action of PDE5. So it makes it easier to get an erection.

Clinic Fore Group will prescribe the drug for ED if it is judged that there is no problem after medical examination. There are three types of medicines: Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis, but each has different prices, time to effect, effect duration, and dietary effects. Please tell your doctor which drug you want according to your lifestyle.

Also, the Tadarise 20 Fore Group has been providing online medical treatment for ED drugs to anyone nationwide since the first visit. It takes only 3 minutes for pre-interview and 3 minutes for medical treatment and the drug will be shipped on the same day as soon as possible.

Are Supplements Effective?

For those who are still a little uncomfortable with taking Viagra and other medications, taking supplements that effectively improve male functioning can also be useful.

The medical brand [Sui+] co-developed by Clinic For provides supplements useful for improving male function. If you feel a little uncomfortable with taking the remedy, we recommend starting with supplements.



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