US Arab Chamber of Commerce


In 1984, the US Arab Chamber of Commerce established the Arab Chamber of Commerce and the Arab American Chamber of Commerce to be a network of Chamber of Commerce dedicated for promoting business opportunities between the United States and the Arab countries.


For more than 30 years, the US Arab Chamber of Commerce has been providing certification on export documents for U.S. businesses exporting goods to the Arab Countries. In addition to affixing the chamber stamp on export legal documents.


US Arab Chamber of Commerce Services


The US Arab Chamber of Commerce provides a wide variety of certification services for export documents destined for use in the Arab Countries. It includes affixing the stamp of the US Arab Chamber of Commerce, authentication from the US Department of State and legalization from the embassy of the Arab embassy in Washington.


  • The Stamp of the US Arab Chamber of Commerce

The US Arab Chamber of Commerce is a national chamber of commerce officially recognized by the “ Arab League” to attach the stamp of the American chamber on export documents. When U.S. companies are reporting products to any of the Arab countries, the official stamp of the chamber may be required on export documents to be accepted by the customs. Company contracts are an example of documents that may require the stamp of the Arab Chamber of commerce. Every stamp issued by the chamber bears a unique serial number so the government officials may verify the authenticity of each stamp. The cost is $35.00 per stamp.

arab american chamber of commerce

  • Authentication from the US Department of State.

The chamber provides the US Department of State authentication as part of our certification service for the Arab countries. Customers can request this service separately or combined with other services of the chamber. Examples of documents eligible for this service includes Contracts, Agreements, Free sale certificate, Certificate to Foreign Government, Power of Attorney, affidavit, Packing List, Bill of Lading…etc.


  • Embassy legalization

The US Arab Chamber of commerce also provides document legalization service from the embassies of the Arab countries in Washington D.C. The next post will demonstrate detailed information about embassy legalization service for each Arab country.



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