VAT Registration in the UAE- What You Need to Know


Registering under VAT gives a business governmental validation, and also makes it compliant under specific taxation laws. Therefore, it is an integral part of running a business in the UAE. There are several VAT firms in UAE that help companies register for VAT without any hassles. We, at KGRN, are one of the best VAT firms in UAE offering several services related to the Value-Added-Tax.


What Can VAT-Registered Businesses Do?

Only VAT firms in UAE are allowed to do the following within the country;

  1. Charge VAT on goods and services
  2. Claim Input Tax Credit on VAT paid
  3. Deduct the Tax Credit from VAT liability
  4. Pay the required VAT to the governmental bodies
  5. File periodic VAT returns


Who should register for VAT in UAE?

Not all businesses have to become VAT firms in the UAE. Only those that cross a predetermined annual turnover need to register under the VAT regime. Based on this threshold, businesses can choose to register themselves, either mandatorily or as an option. The different VAT classifications in the UAE include;

  • Mandatory Registration
  • Voluntary Registration
  • Exemption from Registration


VAT Deadlines in UAE

After implementing VAT in UAE from January 2018, the Federal Tax Authority opened a portal for VAT registration online. Companies also have an option to file their registration in advance. The registration process for VAT firms in UAE occurs in a phased manner, as per the company’s annual turnover.


Turnover for VAT Registration

In the UAE, businesses whose annual turnover exceeds AED 375,000 must go in for mandatory VAT registration. For voluntary registration of VAT firms in UAE, the annual threshold is AED 187,500. Hence, businesses must carefully go through their annual financial filings to understand what category they fall.


VAT Registration Process in UAE

  1. To apply for VAT, companies must first log in into their e-Service account.
  2. They must then click on the Register for VAT tab.
  3. Go through the guide on Getting Started to gain more insight into how the process works.
  4. Once you are done reading, click on Proceed.
  5. The online registration form has eight different sections, which are as follows;
  • About the Applicant
  • Applicant Details
  • Contact details of the applicant
  • Banking details of the applicant
  • Business relationships
  • VAT registration
  • Declaration
  • Review and submit
  1. Next, fill in the registration form, one section at a time, till they all turn Green.
  2. Please verify all the details furnished and save them.
  3. Along the way, upload all the required supporting documents that validate your company and its business.
  4. Once you are done reviewing the application, click on Submit to finish the process of registration.


Documents required

  • Copy of Trade License
  • Copy of Passport of the owners
  • Copy of emirates ID
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Company Incorporation certificate
  • Contact Details of the company and the applicant
  • Bank Details
  • Income statement for the past year
  • Expected revenue and expense



At KGRN, we provide clients with a highly effective, personalized and secure service that covers every accounting and auditing need your company will have. Thanks to our excellent VAT services, timely delivery, and affordable prices, we have been recognized as one of Dubai’s top audit firms year after year. We bring to all our customer’s service of the highest quality, ensuring that you never have to worry about your records ever again. KGRN provides one of the best audit services in Dubai. Partner with us, at KGRN, and say goodbye to all your fiscal worries.


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