What is Do follow and no follow in the website?

What is Do follow and no follow in the website?

Do Follow Backlink:

Do Follow Backlink is the links through which Link Juice Pass is meant to be a means of accessing one web page from another web page. Do Follow Backlink and By Default Whenever we give a backlink to a website or blog, it The link is Do Follow Backlink .

Do-Follow Backlink is very useful for our blog or website, if there are enough quality Do Follow Backlink available on our blog or website then our blog or website starts to rank in Google soon, and our blog or website The domain authority of the website also increases.

3. AUTHORSClick Here
4. POETRYClick Here
5. POEMClick Here
6. PAHELIYANClick Here

Do-Follow link Example:

<a href = ” http://www.google.com/”> Google </a>

No Follow Backlink:

No Follow Backlink is not very important in our website or blog. It also does not help our blog or website in Google ‘s search rankings. It also cannot pass any kind of link juice. Meaning that No Follow Backlink does not connect one Web Page to another Web Page.

We use No Follow Backlink for our website or blog to avoid spamming. Many times when we take a lot of backlinks for our blog or website, Google feels that our website or blog is adopting some wrong way to rank in Google. Due to which our blog or website is at risk of being paralyzed, so it is important that there should be a No Follow Backlink on our blog or website in some quantity .

No Follow link Example:

2. RESULTSClick Here
3. PAHADEClick Here
4. MUHAVAREClick Here
5. KAHANIClick Here
6. NIBANDHClick Here

<a href = ” http://www.google.com” rel = “nofollow”>

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