Which Type of Awning is Best for My Home?


The intense heat of the sun during summer is one of the many factors that can damage our homes in the long run. Just as how we like to keep our shelters warm in the winter, it is also essential to prevent too much heat from getting into our doors and windows. From fading to warping and cracking, things can turn to their worst if you allow these climate extremes to strike your house.   

Installing window treatments is a great way to block the sunlight from passing through the windows and hurting your furniture. However, it is not just the inside of the house that we need to protect. Your home exterior can be highly susceptible to heat damage as well and that is what awnings are made for. 

Awnings can give your home the comfort it needs either in summer or on rainy days. Window treatments like this may come in different sizes, shapes and styles. To help you analyse your needs and come up with something that best fits your home, we have collected the best types of awnings that you can install and the impressive benefits that you can get from each of them. 


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Portable aka Freestanding

This type of awning is perfect for when you have a furniture set up either in the garden, pool deck or patio. From the name itself, a portable awning can be moved from one place to another, increasing its functionality. It does not require a wall foundation as it is mounted on its free-standing structural framework. 

Portable awnings may not be the most durable option that you will find in the market, but it can give you and your outdoor furniture ultimate protection from the sun. Aside from the fact that they are the easiest to install, the canopy arrangement of these shades looks rich and stylish too. 


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Manual Retractable

For ultimate outdoor coverage, retractable awnings provide a great solution. Awnings of this kind can be folded up and even rolled, giving your home exterior generous sun or rain protection. During the installation process, retractable awnings can be mounted on the walls or attached to the roofs. With their heavy-duty materials that can stand the test of time, there is no doubt that retractable awnings are the most popular among all types available in the market.  


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Motorised Retractable

Similar to manual retractable awnings, the motorised type is designed for extended outdoor coverage. The only difference is that it is easier to use and install because of its tech-savvy motorised feature that comes with a handy remote control. This provides easy maneuvering whether you are inside or outside the house. And, you can scout motorised awnings that are less expensive than manual retractable ones.   



Unlike the other types, stationary awnings are attached to exterior walls permanently. This type of awning is also great for decks and patios, where you can create a gathering space without worrying about the weather. Since they are perpetually mounted on your wall, stationary awnings are very sturdy and resistant to heat, rain, wind and snow. You can get them customised based on your desired size and style.  


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If you want something that incorporates the classic vibe of your house, spear awnings are a must-try. This type of awnings is characterised by its spear-shaped iron pipes that hold the shades together. The most interesting part of spear awnings is how they create a timeless gothic look with their intricately-welded finial ends.  

Regardless of the types, not only do these awnings protect you and your home from any weather but they also add beauty to your home’s market resale value. 


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